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The proposal to "Woman up!" springs from the same root as the media-popular "Man up!" with its macho urging to "Tell the Truth! or to "Take the fall!"

However, the spirit of "Woman up!" inhabits a quieter core of individual courage that is expressed --- usually without much fanfare --- through remarkable achievements and contributions.

Woman Up, America! has been launched with the merest hint of the scores of profiles, issues, referrals and resources that will eventually fill its pages in the United States and abroad.

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Accountability:  Of gods, God and mortals


The Pleiades – the Seven Sisters – have drawn gazes from every point of the globe and embodied myths and meanings from every world culture since the star cluster was first named by the ancient Greeks. The nightly prominence of Pleiades relays an eternal assurance that nature can be counted on . . .Is human nature so dependable?

An entire field of academic study focuses on accountability as an ethical concept that encompasses responsibility, answerability, enforcement, blameworthiness, and liability, and the effects that a breakdown in accountability has in public and private. The expectation that humans be accountable -- to use their conscience and consciousness -- is not new, as it was a central theme of the Code of Hammurabi, the first written code of laws, dating from around 1760 BC.

Accountability for choices and actions was a central theme, too, in the ongoing arguments between the gods and mortals in the Iliad, with grave consequences for those who would dare blame the gods for their own misdeeds. The Bible, the Torah and other religious texts; Shakespeare’s tragedies . . . and, yes, Oprah’s October 28, 2008, website . . . cite “accountability” as vital to humanity and civilization.

Unfortunately, ethicists are also having to study today’s strategic use of excuses, justifications, rationalizations, apologies, etc., that remove the person – or entire governments or corporations – from responsibility to others. Such excuses are what WomanUp, America! is not. Join the movement to recapture the essence of humankind in saying:

“That’s on me!”